Abettor Brewing Company Now Open!


Abettor Brewing Company is the first brewery for Winchester, Kentucky. Founded in 2019 by Tyler Montgomery, the brewery prides itself on well-balanced beers made with as many local ingredients as possible and can be appreciated by craft enthusiasts and macro drinkers alike.

Located at 301 W. Lexington Ave., Abettor Brewing is positioned as an entrance into the ever evolving and growing Winchester Downtown.

The brewery officially opened April 12, 2019 with an additional focus on bringing in singer/songwriters. Eric Bolander and Aaron Boyd kicked off the weekend playing Friday and Saturday, respectively.

While beer is the main focus on for the brewery, it also strives to bring food trucks and pop ups from around the state introducing its hometown to a new source of dining and entertainment.

When you plan your trip to Winchester, make sure Abettor Brewing is on your list of stops and ask about all the other wonderful attractions you’ll find when you make your way into Downtown!



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